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It’s that time again, Outer Banks Wedding Expo time! As I sift through a season full of weddings, I’m reflecting on all the memories that I got to share with my awesome brides & grooms. We have so much fun with our couples, and I feel so blessed to work with some really amazing couples. While being a wedding photographer is one of the most amazing jobs, it is certainly not glamorous! Right next to folders full of beautiful wedding images hides our dirty little secret – the “behind the scenes” folder. There are definitely some images I’d threaten bodily harm before I’d ever let out….but there are some that are going to see the light of day right now. So next time you think being a wedding photographer sounds like fun….it is….but it definitely isn’t glamorous!

Welcome to our latest edition of “Behind The Scenes”.

The best kinds of these shots are the lighting test shots…you know, when you look half way decent because you’re prepared!





Sometimes, you just gotta show ’em who the boss is 🙂






Need someone to carry your dress? Sign me up!




I’ve also been known to help with wardrobe crisis:




Wedding vendors…we’re a rag-tag “ride or die” group (just kidding, we mostly eat cake). This would be the talented Chris Hannant w/ Swell Productions and myself cruising Duck Woods Country Club in hot pursuit of our bride and groom!




Clearly I’m a team player! Getting the perfect shot is serious business…are we going to let a little wind get in our way? I think not!








If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that I scrunch my nose, make funny faces, and generally stand like I have one leg shorter than the other when I’m shooting. I promise…both my legs are exactly the same length! And apparently I have a couple of favorite shirts?







Because NOTHING is more attractive than a fanny pack!!!!  Note : If you were born after 1985 – you probably have no clue what I’m talking about!





And for further proof, my mouth hangs open just as must at portrait sessions as it does at weddings. I can thank my dear sweet clients for sending me this, along with others that were too embarrassing for even me to share.

OBX 07-2012 078



Have I mentioned that kids flock to me?





Pretty pleeeeeese will you come back to the family photos?


And sometimes, we’re just waiting for the show to start….





When you shoot more weddings in one year, than most people attend in a lifetime, you have to fight the urge to “drop it like it’s hot” whenever your favorite song comes on.




Oh hey DJ George!Court&George


There’s always ONE groomsman who won’t let you off the dance floor until they’ve spun you around:


And if you ever have 5 minutes, you can ask me about the time I taught an entire wedding reception how to Wobble. I’m not sure what is more concerning…..that a group of young 20 somethings didn’t know how to Wobble or the fact that their DJ told them to ask me?




It most definitely wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t let others join in on the fun!

Intern Sara….she’s not JUST a great camera bag holder!






I’m not quite sure why Michelle is so excited…I’d just made her move that wedding dress for the 50th time to get the perfect shot?




And then there was the time when Alex & I photographed a wedding on the hottest day EVER – and then got stuck in a huge, GIANT, biggest of the year, rainstorm between the ceremony and reception! We weren’t that excited when one of the guests insisted on taking this photo but now we can look back and remember the wedding got soaked.


And last but certainly not least…..the moment you’ve just finished editing your last wedding of the season!




So there you have it! Our brides and grooms can attest to the fact that we don’t look THIS ridiculous the whole wedding, but we do think our fun and lively personalities set us apart. Our clients are laid back, full of life, and excited to be marrying to person of their dreams. We love when they embrace our silliness, and sometimes even join in on the fun. We can’t thank you all enough for an awesome year and we are so looking forward for what’s to come in 2014!



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